Grupo Empresas Navieras acquisition plan began six large cargo ships.

The company commissioned the first two Post Panamax ships Korean Hanjin Heavy Industries shipyard. The ships will be offered on lease to its subsidiary CCNI, which will decrease its costs in rent and fuel consumption. 

Three football fields in a row. These are the dimensions that can contain each of the ships will buy Grupo Empresas Navieras (GEN). 

The company, whose main shareholder is the family Urenda and where Bethia  Liliana Solari has almost 15%, launched the largest boat ownership plan to remember their drivers.
This involves six modern ships Post Panamax, which exhibit a nominal capacity of nine thousand TEU (TEU equivalent to one 20-foot container) and whose values are around US $ 86 million. Thus, the overall operation would add about $ 515 million.

GEN initiated this plan with a mandate to build two ships at Hanjin Heavy Industries shipyard, one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea. The ships would be delivered in 2014.

The national shipping group is finalizing financing to acquire the other four ships and within the next five months should confirm the purchase option at the same manufacturer.
Funding for the first phase of this operation will be through a loan being granted by a German bank, whose identity withheld in GEN. The loan term would be twelve. Part of the commitment would be covered by the resources of a bond issue that shipping companies made in 2011.
"The resources are," said the vice president of GEN, José Manuel Urenda. He explained that the company managed to access funding, despite the fact that the shipping market is not providing credit for the purchase of ships.
But the firm explained that they are taking an economic environment characterized by lower demand for new ships and a fall in the prices of these. In fact, they are acquiring vessels came at a time at a price of US $ 140 million.
Cost Savings
The ships will operate mainly in the Asia-South America route and will be offered on lease to the Chilean Society of Oceanic Navigation (CCNI), a subsidiary of GEN, that its direct investment also has companies like Universal Agencies (Agunsa), Port Cape Froward Talcahuano Port Terminal and Port Mar Austral. Also, they include your associates Antofagasta International Terminal, Terminal Puerto Arica and Iquique Terminal Internacional.
The general manager of CCNI, Felipe Irarrázaval, explained that when probably completed the acquisition of six ships, achieved 60% of the capacity of its it own fleet, which is more profitable for a firm of freight in this category .
Currently, the company has 27 ships and most of it is leased. In fact, only three of them have the property of 50%.
Irarrázaval added that one of the impacts will be in lower operating costs, linked to leases of ships and oil purchases.
In CCNI they believe that these boats will generate the savings group for about US $ 20 000 daily, mainly linked to fuel consumption, one of the items that most hits to shipping companies worldwide.
In GEN they stated that in the 90 also made substantial purchases of ships, but for less money, and then sold the boats.
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